Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Left Rips Into Gingrich-Surest Sign of His Ascendancy

For months, during the shooting star candidacies of first Bachmann, then Perry and now Cain, the media had not only ignored newt Gingrich but basically had written him off.

After a brief flurry of attacks against him for such silliness as his account at Tiffany's (the media did not care to go into any depth regarding candidate Obama's home purchase with the aid of a criminal which was much more significant) that was about it. When some of Gingrich's campaign team criticized him and his poll ratings were under 5% even the "progressive" left stopped attacking him.

The surest sign that Gingrich's star is in the ascendancy is that he is, all of a sudden, under attack.

The execrable ultra-leftist "Wonkette" site has dredged up Tiffany's again  and, as is their stock in trade, has used the most vile, disgusting and sexists language imaginable which I won't deign to repeat.

Yahoo's "The Ticket" political site has run a damn with faint praise article which, in between the odd highlight, basically follows the tenor of the lead headline " Newt Gingrich is back with a vengeance. But does it matter?"

After illustrating the, unavoidable, positive news that Gingrich has ridden to new heights in the polls, is starting to raise money and has done well in the debates (actually remarkably well which is a key to his rise, and success which being noted and complimented on by Sarah Palin  has also helped significantly) the article drags in a previous Gingrich advisor for two paragraphs of deflating commentary.

What this proves is that not only the conservative side is starting to take note of Gingrich, as reflected in conservative polls and outright support (as per this blog etc) but that the MSM has woken up and the left will only attack those it perceives as a threat. These attacks are of course the highest compliment to Gingrich.

As the news of the new Fox poll which confirms Gingrich's strong third place at 12% (from 3% in August!) standing filters out, and his ascendancy continues, expect nothing less than a full bore attack on him from a worried left. 

They will recognize the danger he represents to them as Gingrich is the only  experienced candidate who can bring together all wings of the party in unity to take on President Obama.

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