Thursday, October 20, 2011

Washington Times Article Reinforces My Gingrich/Palin Ticket Concept As It Grows Inexorably

The high profile Palin supporting site Texans for Sarah Palin (Link) has as "Quote of the day" part of the Washington Times Brett Decker's article "Newt's Surge" as follows:

Quote of the Day (October 19, 2011)
Newt’s surge

Brett M. Decker, at  The Washington Times: (Link)
“GOP disarray benefits former speaker, starts talk of Gingrich-Palin ticket”
- JP

Decker goes on to say

"The strength and unexpected surprise of this endorsement sparked immediate speculation about whether a Gingrich-Palin ticket could win in 2012."

It is rewarding to see other pundits now understanding and reinforcing my support of this concept which I first raised to the public.

The various articles presenting the concept, the article showing Team Gingrich is getting behind Team Palin and Gingrich's rise in the polls is  AT THIS LINK

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