Friday, October 7, 2011

First Sound of The Clarion Trumpet "Palin 2016" Comes From The GLT Community!

Cynthia Yockey at "A newly conservative lesbian" sounds the first blast of the Palin 2016 trumpet. This sound will increase over the years, and will a full volume Hallelujah Chorus, in ear splitting volume, early in 2016.

Yockey makes the case that  unless Cain gets the nomination President Obama will have a second term. I don't necessarily agree with her about Cain, but agree there is a substantial chance that Romney, if it is he who gets  the nomination, will lose. Perry would be destroyed by the MSM and  their enablers, just look at  what Letterman for example is doing already to him. 

Regarding Palin, Yockey makes this astute observation;

"With regard to Gov. Palin, I do hope she sets her sights on running for president in 2016 to succeed Obama. When Gov. Palin spoke on Sept. 3 to a Tea Party audience in Indianola, Iowa, she laid out the most positive and practical path for restoring America to prosperity of any of the candidates. 

She has the ability to make people believe in themselves and their ability to overcome their greatest challenges, which is not only required for a nation to prosper but also is the most powerful cure for the pathological desire to depend on the government to solve every problem. 

If she does what she has to do to overcome the objections that establishment Republicans had to her candidacy this time around, she is exactly the person most capable of cleaning up the mess that Obama will leave."
This is very much along the same lines as I presented yesterday as regards what I see as the best case scenario for real, radical change at; Palin's brilliant move.Let Obama/Romney own the depression.

In passing it is Yockey herself who is one of the reasons for the eventual Palin renaissance. Only Palin has a substantial level of support from the GBLT community. This community has influence well outside of its numbers and will be a major ally when the time comes.

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