Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mad Hatter Palin Nutter Will Keep "Sarah's Scandals" Blog Going As "2016 Just Round the Corner "

Although the reality of the situation is that this post's subject matter really belongs in the world of 
Krafft-Ebbing, the noted psychiatrist and sexologist, it is useful in the political sphere too as an illustration of how these fields can cross over.

In fact if we take Nixon and Franklin Pierce as examples, neuroses and politics go very much hand in hand. What the modern internet and allied methods of mass communication have shown is just how far down into the body politic the neuroses goes.

There is a PDS site "Sarah's Scandal's" run by a woman who refers to Palin's children-not only Trig, but even Tripp as "presented as Sarah's son" and "the supposed son."

This besotted individual then goes on to advise that, even with Palin not running for any elective office she, the blogger, is not going to let things stop witch hunt wise-oh no siree. Nope-to give this person a reason to froth and gibber in her fantasies for 5 years more, she will carry on till 2016!!

What would these folks, including the benighted buffoons at "Palingates" do if she, Palin actually did disappear-return to empty shallow, ugly inside and out, and, I expect, waddling, lives.

"I know that the bots are boohooing that we should leave the Palins alone now. They are wallowing in their misery over Sarah’s decision not to run. I would love to feel that Sarah could be safely ignored but alas 2016 is not that far away and if we back away she may feel it’s safe to run. She will have her fans worked into a fevered frenzy by then most assuredly."

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