Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Team Gingrich Getting Behind Palin Getting Behind Gingrich

(LINK) Here's Team Gingrich  proudly linking to the video of Sarah Palin's review of the latest GOP debate where she was fulsome in her praise of Newt Gingrich "Because he stuck to the issues and didn't engage in sniping with other candidates, Newt won, says Palin."

On Greta van Sustreren's program Palin also said that Gingrich would "clobber Barak Obama in any debate"

The mood amongst commentators is also changing to a "second glance" at Gingrich;This from (LINK) Gotham Resistance in an article headed "Palin is correct,Gingrich won the debate"

Am I endorsing Newt Gingrich for president? As if anyone is waiting for my endorsement! The answer is no – at least not yet. However, in my opinion Mr. Gingrich has established himself as the responsible adult of the current group of candidates. He has stayed clear of most of the mud-slinging, and he generally answers the questions given to him. And, I personally trust Mr. Gingrich’s convictions more than I do the front-runner’s, Mr. Romney.

And this very positive comment (LINK)  from Gay Conservative; "Thinking About Newt"

While Newt has a few skeletons of infidelity in his closet, the remaining candidates for President bring their own baggage as well.  But without a doubt, I agree that among all of them, the biggest asset of intellectual firepower we have is Speaker Gingrich. 
Maybe I’m almost there.  ;-)

I set out in a number of columns the significance of the seeming inexorable rise in the polls for Gingrich, and the possible Palin/Gingrich alliance at these links:

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