Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taking Time Off-Cordial Thanks To All & Esp. Palin Supporters Who Visited This Site

This site has primarily been a Palin  focused site. There have been the occasional forays into areas of culture, sports and what-not but the overwhelming number of articles posted (674 this year across all subjects) have been about Palin and to promote those values, political, religious, ethical that she represents.

With the announcement that she will not run the main focus is thus taken away and I don't pretend to have enough insight, knowledge and intellectual depth to sustain this site writing on the arts etc. I considered the remaining potential Republican candidates and believe that Newt Gingrich stands head and shoulders above the field and, for those who will vote, I commend him to them. However, for me, the same intensity of support that I had for Palin, to the point of writing a daily post about her, is just not there for Newt. Certainly he inspires but for me no one will ever inspire like Palin.

I personally may vote if Gingrich is the nominee, but if anyone else is I will write in Palin as I have previously posted a number of times-even if she endorses a candidate.

Thus without enough Palin centered potential articles to write I will cease to post here, but  of course if the convention is unable to make a decision due to no candidate having enough support and it turns to Palin, or if she is chosen as the VP candidate I will recommence writing. 

The total views are approaching 133,000 which, given the comparative short time this site has existed, and the time it takes to get known, shows the interest there has been in Palin.

The 100k mark was reached only a few months ago and the views have increased by a third since then, so in fact the Palin interest actually accelerated. I noticed however, that since her decision not to run the views have dropped off markedly, which is of course only to be expected.

To nearly everyone who dropped by, and especially the 22 who subscribe my sincere thanks. Frankly it has been an honor that 22 people would care about what I think, and again, thanks and God bless. I have one more parting shot which is a "what I think" which hopefully folks might enjoy.

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