Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wonkette Blog Commentators Are the Filthiest Scum Of The Earth

The Wonkette blog which gained universal opprobrium for its disgusting attack on Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome child has amongst its readers the most filthy mouthed/minded purportedly human beings in the entire blogosphere.

The only purpose the blog serves is as an outlet for sociopaths who might, if they did not have this avenue to mouth their insanities, do seriously harm to people in the street.

Actually, it does serve another purpose. For those with a strong enough stomach, who can stand to read the vile rants which pass for "humor" at that site, they can see, fully exposed, the dark heart of liberalism.

As an example the disgusting, perverted filth that the  infantile minds have thrown at Sarah Palin today-exceeding all their vilest efforts of the past shows what sad and sorrowful lives these people lead. Consumed by jealousy and rage at those who have succeeded in life, they vent their filth and wallow in it like the pigs they are.

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