Wednesday, October 12, 2011

O'Keefe finds Wall Street protestors want billionaire investors (no kidding)

From the ineffable Contributing Editor LISA GILMER

O'Keefe finds wall street protestors want billionaire investors (no kidding)

O'Keefe finds wall street protestors want billionaire investors (no kidding)
This video is making the rounds: another good sting by James O'Keefe on what some of the wall street "protestors" want (..... MONEY! of course!......):
Ron Radosh points out the delusion on the left about "...these protestors are all poseurs, more interested in getting attention than in being serious. They have no sense of the economic reality in which the world lives; hence their magic solution to everything is “tax the rich.”

The truth is that they are would-be revolutionaries who perform for the TV news, which if it went away, would quickly find that the Liberty Park encampment would disappear in one day."

PJ Tatler wrote the self-delusional not just one but two open letters.  Even Herman Cain said they should just blame themselves for their own choices.  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY - heck, WHAT A CONCEPT!

David P. McGinley at American Thinker offers up a perfect country for these protestors to go live in - a country which already has implented ALL THEIR DEMANDS so its PERFECT for them!  (now if someone will please go buy a few thousand one way tickets for them as "tickets to unicorn wonderland!", hire a few buses, take them to the airport, escort them on to planes - we can allllll get back to our regularly scheduled news cycle)... thanks!

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