Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The One Sentence that Could Make Gingrich President

UPDATE; Hot Air Blog "Time for a second look at Gingrich?" And this comment "  Newt and Cain were both on Greta last night after the Bloomberg debate. She began each interview with a question on Iran and how they would handle a terrorist attack/plot like the one that happened this week. The contrast between their answers is stunning.

Newt can give an in depth answer like that to any question on any political topic. The only other person who can give deep answers like this is Ron Paul, but only on a narrow range of topics. Newt is a flawed man, but he is also the most talented man in the race. I have been against Newt, but the more I consider him, the more I compare and contrast, the better he looks. With the world growing more destabilized by the week, we could do much worse than have his experienced hand at the tiller in these choppy waters."
There is no question that Newt Gingrich is in the ascendency, The Washington Post advised that Gingrich had his best debate performance yet in Dartmouth and is on the rise. 

Here is the just released  NBC poll which asks GOP voters for their first and second choices. The rise of Gingrich and the fall of Perry is apparent;

Combined Choice
                                           10/11 8/11 
Herman Cain ......................   45  14    
Mitt Romney  ......................  44  42    
Rick Perry ...........................  28  57    
Newt Gingrich .....................  21  14    

PPP Polling showed he was one of only three candidates to increase their support in Iowa, and now in their just released nationwide polling, Gingrich has vaulted past Perry into third place. All these reports are available 

Once the Cain boomlet is halted by the inevitable media vetting and Perry sinks even further, then the only electorally viable "non-Romney' left is Gingrich. Romney, for all his beloved status by the Beltway elite can't break away from the pack for the simple reason that the grass roots don't like him. 

They may not have the same depth of passion for Gingrich that a Cain or a Bachmann initially inspired, but one thing he does have, and that is a deep respect for his obvious depth of knowledge and his experience.

He has the benefit too that when his star rises to the point where the media has to take note of it, and report on it, he won't suffer the decline that the vetting process brought to others who ascended, as he is well and truly vetted. Certainly the satirists will have fun but their influence, which is rightly seen as biased and toxic, doesn't have the same effect as it used to.

For Gingrich to not only  continue his rise, but to break away from the pack and actually take the lead, there is one sentence he can say which would not only  give him the lead, the nomination and, given the  predicted state of the economy next year, the presidency in 2012.

" If I am elected president I will offer the post of Secretary of Energy to Sarah Palin." This statement, especially if Palin responds positively, or even guardedly-as long as she didn't reject it outright, could bring the support of the millions of Palin's Facebook followers, the activists and the financial backers.

Gingrich could set out how experienced Palin is in the energy field, could tie in the nomination for America to reassert itself in the world by not being beholden to OPEC, and the contribution to jobs and economic growth such an appointment could make. 

It was reported that the Gingrich team has already reached out to Todd Palin, if the end result is such a statement (or even more striking a statement "I will offer Governor Palin the vice-presidency if nominated") then I believe Gingrich would rocket up in the polls and be on his way to the nomination.

The coalition of  Tea Party supporters with the anti-Romney forces and the centrists would be overwhelming.

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