Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two New Polls Show Gingrich Now 3rd. Only Other Candidate in Double Figures

Continuing the slow but steady rise that has been apparent for some weeks now Newt Gingrich is solidifying
his third place situation behind Cain/Romney.

A new poll in Florida , posted below shows Gingrich as the only other candidate in double figures and rising. This is mirrored in the latest nationwide Rasmussen poll which also has him as the only other candidate in double figures.

If Cain falters under scrutiny then Gingrich automatically becomes the "Non-Romney". At that point, given that it could be likely that no candidate has enough delegates at the convention there may well be a brokered convention with many ballots. How that would turn out, with the possibility of candidates bargaining their delegates or the convention turning to someone who did not run, is anyone's guess.

Politisite Poll Pulse – Cain now leads in Florida

Herman Cain leads the Florida Republican presidential primary with 34%. Cain is followed by Mitt Romney at 28% and Newt Gingrich at 11%.
In July, Rick Perry was leading in Florida with 16%, followed closely by Michele Bachmann at 15%, Romney at 15%, Sarah Palin at 13%, and Cain at 11%.
Cain leads Romney 34% to 28% among registered Republicans likely to vote in the primary, with Gingrich at 11%.
Among Tea Party supporters, Cain leads Romney 43% to 19%, with 12% for Gingrich. Among likely Republican primary voters saying they are not Tea Party supporters or that they are undecided about the Tea Party, Romney leads Cain 38% to 23%, with 9% for Gingrich.
Among likely voters saying they will definitely vote, Cain leads Romney 36% to 27%.

Rasmussen Reports


National Poll: Cain 29% Romney 29% Gingrich 10%

Following a Tuesday night debate focused on economic issues, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and businessman Herman Cain are tied in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is the only other candidate in double-digits.

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