Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dem Wins W.Virginia Gov. Race "By Not Confirming He'd Vote For Obama"

According to The National Journal,  Earl Tomblin, the Democrat candidate for governor of West Virginia, a position that has been a Dem stronghold, has won the election to replace Joe Manchin  by a relatively close margin of 50% to 46%.

In  Manchin's successful campaign for Senator from W. Virginia in 2010, he ran adverts distancing himself so far from President Obama that he was pictured shooting the president's medicare bill in a video clip. The tactic of running as a "non-Obama" Democrat in a state where Obama is "a very unpopular figure in the state" seems to be the only tactic, along side being Republicans in all but name as far as NRA etc support, which gives Dem's a chance of winning.

What a sorry state of affairs for the president when his own party distances themselves from to the point of not even confirming they will, as elected representatives, even vote for him in 2012.The presidency is ripe for the right GOP candidate.

"But Tomblin effectively kept the president at arm's length and would not even say whether he'd vote for Obama in 2012 when asked by Hotline On Call over the weekend. He used a model very similar to the campaign strategy Manchin adopted in 2010, racking up endorsements from traditionally GOP-friendly groups like the NRA and state Chamber of Commerce. His closing argument was an ad featuring Manchin himself. "

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