Saturday, October 15, 2011

Palin's Facebook Bio DID Change From Republican To Conservative (Party To "Political Views")

There has been intense speculation that Sarah Palin had her Facebook profile updated from "Republican" to "Conservative". This was reported at this site, on Drudge,The Other Mccain and originated at Conservatives4Palin.

C4P later amended their posting and advised that in fact there had been no such change, and Palin's Facebook bio had always had "Conservative"

Here is the truth of the matter. Palin's bio had, as shown below, party designation as "Republican".

The current bio has had the party designation removed and "Political philosophy; conservative" (with a large letter C it must be noted) substituted, as below.

The premise that that this action, which clearly did take place, possibly portends some major future event, perhaps a third party or independent run, is most certainly a valid one for consideration. That such a run could be viable is set out

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