Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Poll: If Romney Is the GOP's Nominee I Will;

In early March I ran a poll on what activists would do should Romney be the GOP's nominee. The results were;

17.8% Would vote for Romney
67.88% Would write in Palin
8.61% Would write in someone else
5.63% Would stay at home.

With Palin advising she will not be a candidate and Romney, according to the pundits, seemingly having a lock on the nomination the activists, especially strongly conservative ones, may have to face a challenging choice.

Either four more years of Obama, hopefully with a GOP congress to block him so he is a lame duck from day one of his second term, or to vote Romney and try and remove the Dem's. The questions, amongst many, are;

a. Is it worth putting the republic in peril for another four more years so that a true conservative can be the candidate in 2016 by not voting for Romney, but only voting GOP down ticket e.g. senate etc?

b. Voting the straight GOP ticket so the Obama administration is removed and a strong Tea Party composed congress can blunt any Romneyite centerism?

c. Writing in Palin to show the GOP establishment how many votes they lost by ignoring the grass roots, and sending the signal for 2016, even if it means four more Obama years?

d.Voting for a third party (Palinite Tea Party?) or for an Independent candidate and down ticket GOP?

Here is an updated poll which can help gauge where the activists are as regards these vital questions, and if a third party or Independent run is an option.

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