Sunday, February 26, 2012

Academy Awards Are A Celebration Of Distorted Leftist Values And Triumphs Over Traditional Values

I wrote this column below last year at the time of the Academy Awards. Nothing has changed sadly and won't until the opportunity for genuine change in November.

The kids are not all right.

Once again the denizens of Hollywood are using their unique propaganda tool, the Academy Awards, in the aid of their warped social philosophy.

It is a fair assumption, one only has to peruse the cover of  a gossip magazine,that a higher proportion of neurotics,drug users, out and out societal misfits, and the just plain mad who compose a proportion of the entertainment industry in numbers well  above the national average will be gathered together on awards night.

On top of their collective neuroses, and surely actors by their very profession are subject to various manifestations of eccentricity, they have, through the massive reach of their medium, enormous power, wealth and great influence on the average person.

Thus what just a few years ago would have been considered a gross perversion, if not illegal and generally not even possible, same sex couples adopting, or creating via the loving mechanics of a turkey baster, babies.

High profile entertainment industry types, can, through their wealth and media power, undertake actions which if a normal person attempted it they would be castigated or even arrested for breaking societies taboos. Over the years we have seen these structures of society attacked and then broken and then made commonplace by actors.

At one time, not too long ago for a couple, heterosexual that is, gays would have been unthinkable, to live together openly in a sexual relationship would have been impossible, especially if children were involved.

Then major "stars" started doing so, the radical communist Vanessa Redgrave springs to mind as an example.

Shock horror newspaper headlines followed, then the glossies started to make it "interesting' and shortly after it became "normal" irrespective of what example it set for society and the effect it would have on children of such relationships. 

Of course such unstable relationships composed of unstable people break up one after another with untold harm on the innocents who are caught up in such horrors.

That aspect of normal society undermined the next attack,Gay and lesbian same sex relationships adopting children hove into view. Again, the unthinkable becomes, via the wealth,"prestige", and power of entertainment types perfectly acceptable to society. 

Elton John and partner adopts, how is it possible for men of their age in the first place to adopt an infant? Cynthia Nixon's "fiancee' gives birth amongst recent examples.

There are no long term studies on how children who grow up in these unnatural parenting relationships adjust in society.What sort of difficulties to they encounter at school amongst their peers? Do the have trouble establishing an heterosexual relationship? 

What effect will this have on population trends amongst Western nations and if they decline what will be the economic effects and the social effects as more third world labor is needed to take up the slack?

Hollywood doesn't care-all the denizens care about is satisfying their ego's, carnal nature and their hedonism "Cocaine is God's way of telling you you have too much money" Robin Williams is quoted as saying, Lohan, Sheen-well the list of examples is endless. Now having children has become their latest status symbol. It started with the adopting out of Africa craze and now has spread to same sex couples.

There are no barriers to satisfying their needs for those in the entertainment industry. Same sex parenting a no no? The propaganda machine starts. The first foray was The Birdcage with lovable characters, then "The kids are all right" whose premise is " look we lesbian parent couples are not weird, we have all the "normal" family problems and squabbles just like everyone else so our parenting is "normal"-just like everyone else.

Society has accepted that same sex couples can and should they wish live in a relationship protected by law-it is called a civil union. Where the public has had the opportunity to vote on the matter, even in ultra-liberal California, they have rejected same sex "marriage." 

Perhaps same sex parenting should also be put to the popular will, which is after all society itself, because if same sex marriage is not acceptable then perhaps same sex parenting which has the potential to inflict much psychic damage, is too important to leave to the propaganda mill that will be on show at the Academy Awards.

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