Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Liberal Bob Beckel Tells Palin "You Look Beautiful" Reaches For Her Hand & Pats It

As I have said before the root (sic) of liberal obsession with Sarah Palin is that they are attracted to her but can't have her, metaphorically and literally.

A Palin thread on CNN or Huffington Post brings out thousands of comments from obviously frustrated males (and not a few women too) who take out their frustration by calling Sarah all sorts of names.

But if a liberal actually gets within a few feet of Palin the truth comes out. Look at liberal doyen Bob Beckel's interaction with Palin during her surprise visit to his stint at "The Five."
Would he rise out of his chair for any other guest? Not that I have ever seen. Would he worry about his coiffed or "non-coiffed hair"? Doubtful.

Look at the clip from 5:43 where Beckel gazes at Palin and says "You look beautiful Sarah" the testosterone is palpable through the screen. 

In the second part of the segment which was originally shown on the Fox site Beckel reaches over and pats Sarah's lovely hand, and who can blame him-this has been removed for obvious reasons.UPDATE; "The Right Scoop" has the unedited version where Beckel actually pats Palin's hand not once but twice!
AT THIS LINK at about 8:12 in.

It's OK liberals-we know why you do what you do, you can't help yoursleves.Dana Perino hints that seeing Palin would "be too much for Schultz"-women understand these things.

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