Sunday, February 12, 2012

Palin Not Convinced Romney (Video) Is A Conservative-Neither Am I And 70% Of GOP

Sarah says it, as usual straightforwardly "I am not convinced." Since Romney generally runs about 30% vote support, and generally is doing worse in support compared to the same primary states he ran in 2008, neither are about 70% of the rank and file.

Here is Romney's (declining) 30%

Palin is absolutely right that the primary and vetting and candidate position process must continue. Ideally, for me, right till Tampa where none of the current candidates have a majority of delegates (although  I would be happy with Newt as the nominee) and the convention turned to her or someone else who is a genuine conservative.

Unlike Sarah I am not so sanguine as to believe Romney will ever be identified as a true conservative, as she hinted at yesterday at CPAC and, even if she endorses him if he is the nominee, will not vote for him. 

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