Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Romney's Endorser Donald Trump "If Santorum's The Nominee I Seriously May Run" Does Romney Agree With His Backer?

According to Teagan Goddard's report AT THIS LINK Donald Trump may be willing to cast the GOP to the winds by "seriously, seriously" considering a third party run if Rick Santorum is the nominee.

 I would think that Romney should seriously, seriously, consider telling Trump that his endorsement is no longer required thank you .

Further, Romney should state that as opposed to his backer Trump, if Santorum is the nominee, he would seriously, seriously support him as he puts the GOP ahead of his personal feelings.

Whilst Trump advised he will be a "free agent" after his show finishes in Matl he did not advise what he would do if there is a Romney/Santorum ticket.

The whole thing is now an embarrassment and a joke and a brokered convention with a decent candidate is the only way to sort this mess out

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