Monday, February 13, 2012

At CPAC Sarah Palin Showed She Is Chicken Soup For The Conservative Soul

Whatever the public future holds for Sarah Palin, elected office, appointed senior office, author, pundit or who knows what one thing has been made very clear Sarah has become the Florence Nightingale for the conservative soul.

Even the liberal media, and, incredibly, some "progressive" sites had to acknowledge the astounding level of interest, support. emotion and yes, love, Palin generated at CPAC.

After all the tension of the candidates speeches, the media interviews and the politicking when Sarah arrived, after folks had waiting for two hours in lines which had to be accommodated by extra rooms with screens the huge burst of warmth towards her as she strode to the podium was obvious.

Her standing ovations were more than all the candidates received combined. The protective action for her when the Occupy Idiots attacked was wonderful to see.The hanging on her every word, the laughter at her zingers, the crush to get near her when she finished spoke of so much. 

Here was a hero who had stood up to the very worst the left could throw at her and was still standing tall and sparking. More than anything her demeanour and words of comfort and encouragement during what is a trying time for the GOP struck exactly the right note.

What we saw at CPAC was the same raw and wonderful emotion that we saw at her breakthrough address to the 2008 convention. Nobody, just nobody in the GOP can draw out this wellspring of pure emotion-there were reports of teary-eyed grannies dancing in front of their televisions as Sarah spoke.

For me I hope her future includes representative office at the highest level where her spirit can generate the same healing that Reagan brought as it springs from the same place-the heartland of America, and is chicken soup for that heart.
Sarah Palin says the film about her candidacy is "based on a false narrative."

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