Friday, February 17, 2012

These Serious Poltical Analysts Consider A Brokered Convention And Palin's Possible Role In It

With Romney's campaign looking perilous and none of the four remaining candidates particularly catching fire with a majority of rank and file voters, in fact nowhere near it, speculation about a brokered convention is increasing.

Some commentators are ridiculing the concept for obviously partisan reasons like Romney supporter Gov. Christie who got his facts AT THIS LINK completely wrong. But more thoughtful ones like those linked below are giving an in-depth analysis of the possibilities and probabilities. 

In all of these article the name Sarah Palin looms large as a possible king maker or candidate.

Palin has now made it clear,well as clear as her ambivalent statement to Eric Bolling  can make it, that she is prepared to be a candidate in a brokered convention. That both those possibilities are a matter of serious consideration is outlined at these intelligent articles below.

The Palin watcher and political commentator at The Daily Mail Toby Harnden has an in-depth report including the interview with Palin AT THIS LINK He includes supportive quotes from the commentators at the well known Palinite Blog "Conservatives4Palin" including the exotically named "reagantman"

Reuters special report; "Romney's struggles fuel talk of a brokered convention" AT THIS LINK
Also headlined at Drudge Report "Rick, Mitt or Split"? AT THIS LINK

At Real Clear Politics By Sean Trende: "A brokered convention could be dangerous for  GOP" AT THIS LINK

Joe Gandelman at the Moderate Voice writes "Is the GOP heading to a brokered convention"

Gandelman suggest John Avlon's article at the Daily Beast "The GOP's chaotic primary calendar makes early nomination clinch tough" is a "must read" AT THIS LINK

For a technical analysis, but with Palin still in the mix Yahoo's "The Week" presented  "Brokered conventions a guide to political pundits dream scenario" AT THIS LINK 

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