Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Effort To Save Sinking Crapshow "Game Change" Hatchet Job; Julianne Moore Now Praises Palin

As threats, in fact actual cancellations of HBO subscriptions by Palin supporters, a full on rebuttal attack by Palin's former 2008 election aides, and Senator McCain refusing to even look at "Game Change". things are looking grim for the hatchet job

The producers has the whole spectrum of the 2008 campaign to focus on-even, well it would be mad to even contemplate liberal Hollywood doing so, the Obama Rev. Wright affair. But no, they chose a conservative woman to focus their movie on

No doubt they did this because they calculated that Palin would be running fro president about now and their hit job would finish off what they perceived as the strongest threat to the object of their affection, president Obama.

How they must have cursed when Palin decided not to run as they are stuck with a hatchet job with  no one to bury the hatchet into.On the other hand they are, inadvertently  giving the pro-Palin movie "The Undefeated an even larger audience than HBO reaches as it was picked up by ReelzChannel  and will run the day after "Game Change debuts to publicity to could never have generated previously.

To compound their miscalculation HBO released a trailer which showed Palin as some sort of gibbering idiot in a semi-comotose state. Her subsequent address at CPAC, to an overflow crowd showed a person at the top of her game, fully in charge of the situation and herself. A stark contrast to the Aunt Sally HBO presented.

Moore, whom I had the misfortune to pay to see in the Broadway play "The Vertical Hour" at The Music Box Theater in New York (where she was acted off the stage by Bill Nighy) added to the attack by disparaging remarks about Palin at the time of the trailer release: 

"Julianne, 51, told Capitol File magazine: ‘She wasn’t qualified to be vice president. She wasn’t a qualified candidate.
‘I think that became quite evident during the campaign.
‘It was so shocking to me when she resigned the governorship of Alaska when the presidential election was over.
‘I was stunned. I just think that shows such an unbelievable lack of interest in the actual governing."

But Moore's handlers have obviously seen the way the wind is blowing, as sympathy for Palin builds up, and her supporters are livid. The further release of another massive batch of Palin's emails from her time as Governor of Alaska just adds to the impression of a media pile on which Senator McCain labelled as "unrelenting and merciless."

Enter Moore again but singing a different song. Now we have a strong, capable Palin who was hindered and hampered by evil advisers-a genius in a cage and etc:

Moore,who plays Sarah Palin in what is reportedly an unflattering portrayal of the one-time vice presidential nominee in the upcoming HBO movie,Game Change, now seems to have sympathy  with her. Look at this  sudden reversal as the prospect of a big financial loss for the producers, and a career knock back for Moore (who the media are ludicrously touting as winning an Emmy for her Palin performance) looms large:
"Moore, who tried to mimic Palin by listening to the audio of her book, “Going Rogue,” and sporting her trademark glasses, says, “I do think the situation that she was put in was a completely untenable one.”
The actress explains that Palin enjoyed an “open relationship” with the media when she was the governor of Alaska, but all that changed when she was tapped by Sen. John McCain to be his running mate.
Palin “was suddenly almost in lockdown, where [she] wasn’t allowed to speak to anybody unless it went through the proper channels. They were telling her what to do and how to dress. And how to behave,” Moore tells the New York Post. “So they take a candidate for what she is and what she represents, and they want to make her into something else.”
The former governor of Alaska’s limited knowledge of international affairs at the time, notes Moore, doesn’t mean she’s not smart.
“People did see that she was not as prepared as they would have liked her to be. And they saw it in the various interviews that we all saw,” says Moore, adding however, “I think she’s very canny… And she’s extremely hardworking and ambitious, and would not have reached the place that she reached without ability. You don’t get to be a vice-presidential candidate by accident.” 
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If, the HBO movie flops the absolute certain comment from the left will be "Low viewing of Palin movie Game Change shows Palin has lost her relevance" which theme is another leftist attempt to marginalise her. Nobody is, or will be fooled, CPAC showed exactly how relevant Palin is, it is the Hollywood leftists in their mad Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) who are irrelevantnt.
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