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Mormon Underwear
Personal Preparation for Temple Blessings, Ensign (CR), May 2001, p.32
Elder Russell M. Nelson, Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
The latter- day restoration of temple ordinances included instructions concerning the wearing of the garment of the priesthood. Members of the Church who receive their endowments in the house of the Lord (1) covenant to wear sacred priestly undergarments throughout their lives. The undergarments have symbolic marks of spiritual (2) significance to the wearer. These garments are manufactured and distributed by an agency of the (3) Church.
In a letter dated 10 October 1988, the First Presidency wrote: “Practices frequently observed among the members of the Church suggest that some members do not fully understand the covenant they make in the temple to wear the garment in accordance with the spirit of the (4) holy endowment.
 “Church members who have been clothed with the garment in the temple have made a covenant to wear it throughout their (5) lives. This has been interpreted to mean that it is worn as underclothing both day and night. The promise of protection (6) and blessings is conditioned upon worthiness and faithfulness in keeping the covenant.
 “The fundamental principle ought to be to (7) wear the garment and not to find occasions to remove it. Thus, members should not remove either all or part of the garment to work in the yard or to lounge around the home in swimwear or immodest clothing. Nor should they remove it to participate in recreational activities that can reasonably be done with the garment worn properly beneath regular clothing. When the garment must be removed, such as for (8) swimming, it should be restored as soon as possible.
“The principles of modesty (9) and keeping the body appropriately covered are implicit in the covenant and should govern the nature of all clothing worn. Endowed members of the Church wear the garment as a (10) reminder of the sacred covenants they have made with the Lord and also as a (11) protection against temptation and evil. How it is worn is an outward expression (12) of an inward commitment to follow the Savior.”
Observations of Mormon Rules Concerning Their Sacred Underwear
(1)         Mormons pledge allegiance to wearing sacred underwear in their temples.
(2)        Temple Mormons view their sacred underwear with spiritual significance.
(3)        Mormons can only purchase their sacred underwear through the LDS church.
(4)        Mormons are to view their sacred underwear as a holy covenant with their god.
(5)        Mormons are to wear their sacred underwear throughout their lives.
(6)        Protection from evil and blessings is conditioned on their sacred underwear.
(7)        Mormons must wear their sacred underwear at all times including work and play.
(8)        However, Mormons may remove their sacred underwear for swimming.
(9)        Wearing sacred underwear will keep Mormons modest.
(10)          Mormons are reminded of their sacred covenants via their sacred underwear.
(11)          Mormons look to their underwear for protection against temptations and evil.
(12)          Mormons view their sacred underwear as a commitment to their god.

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