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Now 772 Blown Up/Injured In Iraq Since Obama Admin Pulled Troops Out; Every Death Lies At Their Door

The latest report from Iraq since the Obama administration removed American troops and left Iraqi's to their fate. I voted for McCain/Palin so that this would not happen. If the USA could stay in Korea for 60 years then to cut and run from Iraq is disgusting.

 I hope the people responsible for all these ruined lives can sleep well. Their enablers like Kos and Trudeau also should have these poor people on the conscience-if they have one.
Report from Thursday February 23 2012 AT THIS LINK

BAGHDAD — Bombs and deadly shootings relentlessly pounded Iraqis on Thursday, killing at least 55 people and wounding more than 225 in a widespread wave of violence the government called a "frantic attempt" by insurgents to prove the country will never be stable.
Cars burned, school desks were bloodied, bandaged victims lay in hospitals and pools of blood were left with the wounded on floors of bombed businesses after the daylong series of attacks in 12 cities across Iraq.
The assault demonstrated how vulnerable the country remains two months after the American military left and put the onus for protecting the public solely in the hands of Iraqi forces.

February 20th

Here is an excerpt from the report AT THIS LINK. I include all the earlier reports and will just keep adding to this terrible list as more deaths are reported.
February 20th 2012

A suicide car bomber has blown himself up in front of a Baghdad police academy, killing 15 people and wounding 21 others in the deadliest attack in the Iraqi capital in weeks.
At least eight other people were killed in attacks elsewhere in Iraq on Sunday.

January 24th; Another 89 people blown up/injured in Iraq AT THIS LINK which takes the reported total to 483 killed/wounded since the Obama administration removed last U.S. troops  at the instigation of the "progressive' left such as the Daily Kos site. 

Charles Krauthammer blamed the Obama administration for the violence when the toll was at 200 

After Baghdad plunged back into violence a few days ago on the heels of an arrest order for Iraq’s Sunni vice president by Iraq’s Shi’ite Prime Minister, with 65 dead and almost 200 wounded, Krauthammer placed the blame squarely on the Obama administration for ignoring what the generals on the ground were saying and pulling US troops out of Iraq:

January 14th; Another 50 people blown up/injured in Iraq  
AT THIS LINK which takes the reported toll  to 394. Mission accomplished Markos Moulitsas and all on the left who pushed for the withdrawal of US troops. This leaves the poor Iraqi people to their fate and being metaphorically pissed on.



The AP reports that bomb attacks killed 72 in Iraq in sectarian violence today injuring approximately 60 as well.

This brings the, reported, deaths and injuries, since the last US troops left Iraq at 344

These deaths and "injuries" which include blown off limbs etc are laid squarely at the feet of the Obama administration and leftists like, e.g. Gary Trudeau of "Doonesbury", the Daily Kos mob, and all those who, unlike the McCain/Palin team, actively worked to have to have the troops pulled out and to leave the poor Iraqi people to their terrible fate.

That act of immorality will eventual lead to more Iraq deaths than were the result of the US intervention.
Original post which will be updated, sadly each time, as the deaths keep coming in.The leftists have no shame.

As I set out below the reprehensible withdrawal of American troops from Iraq will quickly lead to chaos and death-it hasn't taken long.These 63 deaths and 180 injured are just the start of a genocide that is laid at the feet of the American left.

BAGHDAD — A wave of coordinated explosions ripped across Baghdad early on Thursday, killing at least 63 people, wounding more than 180 and jolting a country already unsettled by a deepening political crisis and the absence of American troops.
Using car bombs and improvised explosives, insurgents attacked markets, grocery stores, schools and government buildings in a dozen neighborhoods in the central and eastern parts of the capital.

The attacks were the most significant violence in Iraq since the last American troops pulled out of the country earlier this week.

Radical leftist cartoonist Gary Trudeau, still pushing his 1970's teenage type Doonesbury wares, has a parting shot at the last American troops to leave Iraq. (at THIS LINK)

Thanks to the leftist media, exemplified by Trudeau (who in the same strip area has an unending running attack on Newt Gingrich) and the Democratic party radicals, the Iraqi people have been left to their fate-as merciless as it may be.

Trudeau quotes the  over 100,000 Iraqi deaths during the conflict. When the post American abandonment toll reaches that figure, and more, will we hear from Trudeau and the left? Not likely.

The fact that the US could stay in Korea for over fifty years, at who knows what financial cost, escapes Trudeau. Possibly because that war was initiated by a Democratic president, and was the right thing to do, as was staying in Iraq until there was stability-whether or not going in in the first place was justified.

I note that the day after the US left the "government' of Iraq has issued an arrest warrant for a Sunni vice-president. If anyone, except those on the doctrinaire left, believe a peaceful and stable Iraq has been left behind, and that this "stability" justifies nothing except an Obama sop to the "progressive " left in the 2008 election they are deluded. McCain/Palin would never have let this moral outrage happen and clearly said so.

The left has their result, I am confident their moral standards will let them live comfortably with each ensuing civilian casualty, each child that is blown to pieces, each women who has her human rights removed and the religious strife which will ensue.No doubt too they will happily accept Iran growing in influence in Iraq and the region further destabilizing the region.

The last American serviceman who left has, through the actions of his or her superiors acting on orders of a leftist administration, turned out the lights on the possibility of a civilized end to the conflict. Each subsequent death will be laid squarely at the feet of Trudeau and the left.

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