Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Leftist (Baltimore Sun) Anti-Palin Rant TV Review Of "Game Change" Is In-It's As You'd Expect

One David Zurawik "Z ON TV" television critic for the Baltimore Sun AT THIS LINK advises that he has been privileged to have a pre-release viewing of HBO's Palin hit job "Game Change". he is so taken with this masterpiece, which of course was made in the expectation that Palin would have mounted a presidential campaign and it would be the destroyer of said campaign, is so taken with the show he intends to write about it many times.

But, such his his excitement, he rushed into print to deliver his verdict which is, as one would expect from the leftist Sun, an anti-Palin screed from start to finish and a love fest for the actors, particularly Woody Harrelson, for whom he seems to have a man crush, describing Harrelson as "larger than life" or something (and if anyone was a nut job, a role Zurawik ascribes to Palin, Harrelson fits the bill).

Palin, as opposed to the apparently divine Moore, is to Zurawik a one dimensional neurotic e.g.

"First, like many, my attention has been focused on Julianne Moore, the superb actress who portrays Palin. Moore gives an exquisitely nuanced and finely calibrated performance as the former governor of Alaska. She will get an Emmy for this, and it will be totally deserved. It is impossible not to get drawn into her depiction of Palin -- and to wonder where calculating stops and crazy begins."

No mention of Palin's 90% approval rating in Alaska at the time of the convention, not the magnificence of her speech to an audience that was blown away by it.No mention of the massive crowds that attended Palin's every event, in contrast to the tiny crowds for McCain. No mention of the ticket passing Obama's in the polls after her convention address and the impossibility of the ticket winning after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

No, all we get is biased leftism, to whit;

"For example, I don't think some Palin followers are going to like this depiction of her. More than one adviser raises the possibility of her being mentally ill. And some of the actions and words attributed to her in the film lend credence to that characterization.

I can't wait to hear the self-serving howls on Fox News when they see how Roger Ailes' million-dollar analyst mistake is depicted in the film."

Zurawik is right-Palin's followers, and I am sure all professional critics who don't let their bias get in their way of their judgement, are not going to like a misplaced hatchet job which deserves to be a flop as its intended assassination character has not played ball as they expected.

The best thing to be done with this hatchet job is to simply boycott it-one thing the Hollywood liberals understand is losing money. But rabid diatribes like Zurawick's should receive their own reviews and the more leftism in the media is exposed to the light tof day the better. That may be the one redeeming feature of "Game Change"-the law of unintended circumstances in effect.

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