Sunday, February 19, 2012

Very Very Clever Post From Prof. Jacobson

This is hard to beat-they don't hand out legal professorships with Cracker Jack's Boxes clearly-well done sir!
From: Legal Insurrection;


"According to researchers, new MRI time-lapse techniques have been developed to track the brain waves of the insane.
In a normal human, various brain waves representing essential cognitive functions rarely cross paths, and maintain more or less stable trajectories.
In the insane, there are jagged trajectories in which thoughts and processes crisscross multiple times within relatively short periods of time for no apparent reason.
Some say these self-generated impulses are a survival mechanism, much like the fight or flight reflex in animals, resulting from evolutionary development.
Others say just the opposite, pointing to the lack of such condition in some sub-species, and believe that science cannot account for such a phenomenon.
Everyone agrees the condition does not reflect an intelligent design."
(image source a/o 2-19-2012, via BD)

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