Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hell Freezes Over For 3rd Time. Andrea Mitchell/Mark Halperin present (Mostly) Positive Report On Palin At CPAC

It must be getting incredibly icy for the satanic denizens of Hell when three not only escaped, but in their dizziness perhaps, from breathing pure at at CPAC presented, for the most part, fair and balanced reports of Sarah Palin's remarkable address at CPAC and the reaction to it.

First up was radical leftist "progressive" site Crooks&Liars  AT THIS LINK

And,almost stupefyingly it its improbability, Andrea Mitchell and Mark Halperin (video clip above) share an enthusiasm session over Palin which is only marred by weasel words over the "truth" of the portrayal of Palin in the upcoming cartoon Game Change but all in all a slight melting of the gates of hell that froze solid for  a brief moment last week.

Mind you, Palin's performance and the reaction t it were such that it would be almost impossible to be negative about it-almost impossible but achieved at Huffington Post 
AT THIS LINK which chose to say in Hell, frozen or not.

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