Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ms. Doom And Gloom And Inflationary Depression Nadeem Walayat's Latest Wonderful Report

As I have mentioned before I am a great fan of 
"The Market Oracle" AT THIS LINK the home of gold bugs, doom and gloomers, and all manner of economic analysts. There are charts galore, and whatever ones financial outlook you are sure to find it massaged there. 

Whether one could actually make any money from the wisdom of these collected seers is a matter above my pay grade, but one thing is certain, there is plenty of advice.

My particular favorite is the inestimable Nadeem Walayat. This gentlewoman is endlessly entertaining, and, to my mind, often wise and right in his observations-particularly when she castigates the hucksters. 

Who could argue with his pithy observations that despite the constant revelations from economists and economic commentators that there will be a massive market downturn, it keep steadily rising- as it has done for the last three years.

There are many other, staring you in the face facts, that are so obvious observations which make Ms. Walayat such a pleasure to read. As I understand her, there will be a money printing day of reckoning, which will come when all the current doomsters turn optimistic, which sounds like further common sense.

I can't recommend her highly enough AT THIS LINK Certainly I don't subscribe to all she concludes, rather I find her like Ron Paul. Some of whose ideas I find very attractive, others not quite so, but always interesting and thought provoking.

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