Thursday, February 23, 2012

Palin Hater Writes Column Ridiculing Her "Wee Wee'd Up" Phrase Unaware Obama Created It-Such is the Idiocy Of The Left's Palin Hate

Update; Reyes has admitted his incompetence at the link and also subtly changed the title and the story to make it look like he knew Palin"borrowed" the phrase from Obama. But we know the truth.

Ordinarily the blatherings of the obscure Robert Paul Reyes who has contributed a column AT THIS LINK about Sarah Palin to the equally obscure SOP (Student Operated Press) would not be worthy of reading, much less commenting on

Any publication with "Student Operated" in the title is nearly always going to be a juvenile, immature left-wing (one and the same of course) emotionally charged rag fuelled by irrational class hatred, and often by testosterone looking for a sublimated outlet. 

SOP (sic) is a classic in that mould, whose sole purpose is to provide memories for folks when they mature and can look back in slightly sheepish embarrassment asking themselves how could they have said and done those things. It's all part of the growing up process.

So why even comment? Because the Reyes column is a classic of its type. Reyes spends an entire column ridiculing Sarah Palin, full blown Palin Derangement Syndrome on display which might be of value for the psychology department. He headlines; "Sarah Palin  Invents New Catchphrase; Wee-Wee'd Up! God have Mercy"

Here is the gist  of his remarks;

Sarah Palin recently said that the "lame-stream" media is getting all "wee-weed up" over Rick Santorum`s Satan speech. The former beauty queen has her own language, it`s not exactly Pig Latin, but it sure ain`t Shakespeare. I`m familiar with most of Palin`s folksy sayings, I know that she`s "Mama Grizzly" and I know that the "lame-stream" media is any new outlet that isn`t Fox News.
But what the heck does "wee-weed up" mean? It sounds like what a dude will do to himself after he`s guzzled over a dozen beers.

And then he continues on in a rather childish fashion in the same manner, describing Palin's remarks as "babbling nonsense." What Reyes is obviously too immature and lacking in awareness of the political scene he pretends to be a commentator on, to know and understand, is that Palin is using the phrase "wee-wee'd up" in an ironic sense-which she has done many times before.

Here is a video clip of President Obama using the phrase; 

The phrase was invented, or at least brought to wider public awareness, by President Obama who used it in a fit of pique when going on the attack. It obviously tickled Palin's fancy, and she has used it back at him a number of times. 

Rather that being the ditz that Reyes and his ilk set her out to be she shows, once again, her shrewdness and exposes the leftists PDS, and their childishness, in the process. 

How embarrassing for Reyes who should learn to do a simple Google search before rushing out to attack Palin.

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