Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bombshell:Newly Surfaced Photo's Prove The Palin Divorce Story

These just released photographs are of an ecstatic, clearly proud and loving Sarah Palin greeting her equally proud and loyal husband Todd at the finish of the latest Iron Dog competition in Alaska.

They prove the "Palin Divorce" story is a load of rubbish as Sarah and the Palin supporters have stated. Here's a lovely comment about the gist of this post "

"I love Piper's as her mom and dad talk and look at each other...she can see the love between them...and you would have to be blind not too.." 

Picture with Piper is the third one below

For anyone who is not totally blinded by Palin derangement Syndrome (PDS) a leftist "progressive" blinkered and blinded hater there could be no better image to disprove the ludicrous "Palin's are getting a divorce' nonsense the media has been trotting out yet again after the release of another batch of emails.

That Sarah made a joke about "er-getting a divorce" in one email, which she copied to her husband was so obvious that even the disgusting Huffington Post had to create a semi-retraction of the way they first handled the situation.

Not even this photograph will shut up the haters, like the execrable alleged humans at "Immoral Minority" and "PoliticalGates" but for anyone else the obvious is right there in front of them-the rest can go rant and  gibber in isolation.

Here are other picture from the end of the race. With Thanks to Barbaric Thoughts Site

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