Saturday, February 18, 2012

Journalist Admits To Attempting To Rummage Through Palin's Rubbish Bin;Media Descends To The Depths

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One would think that after the humiliation the national media received with their breathless, fruitless "expose" of Palin's 24,000 emails they would give up on trying to discover some embarrassing scandal. But no, they keep on lowering themselves ever deeper into the muck and succeed in finding...nothing.

But that doesn't stop them. Clearly nothing is too low for the media where the Palin family are concerned.

One Allen Abel, writing for the Citizen AT THIS LINK with a sleezy piece entitled "Postcard from Scottsdale: In Sarah Palin Country" A misleading title as soon becomes apparent. Abel, who doesn't advise just why he has decided to sneak up on Palin's  empty real estate in Arizona. Literally sneak up to it in Joe McGinniss' style; "I get out of my rented Ford and tiptoe up to the house."

That revelation is prefaced by the, perhaps, snide comment that "there is no sign of intelligent life at Sarah Palin's new home." Since there is nobody home, no sign of life Abel wrestles with his journalistic "ethics." This turns out to be a one sided wrestling match as he quickly decides that rummaging through Palin's rubbish fits well with his code of conduct.

"Now I begin a spirited debate with my inner correspondent about whether or not to peek into Sarah’s mailbox or rummage through her recycling bin. I am just about to lift the lid when an 89-year-old woman riding a 50-year-old Schwinn Tornado bicycle and wearing a white windbreaker that says WESTSIDE FOOD BANK pedals up."

What follows is a dialogue with this 89 year character whom he ask her opinion of Palin, a positive one as it turns out. Then we get a real estate agents inside info on the house which is totally unremarkable, no scandal there either, so Abel advises us the house is in "the fashionable area" which makes Palin some sort of elitist no doubt.

Abel ends his possibly Pulitzer Prize column with a plea for forgiveness from the Newspaper Awards Committee for "not going through anybody's garbage" having been interrupted in commencing the act. 

So with no scandal, a positive comment from the neighbour about Palin all that is left of the non-story is more snark, a spotted billboard that says "You can't fix stupid, but you can vote it out."

Such is the sad state of "journalism" when the Palin's are the target.

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