Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daily Kos Goes Full On Raving Batshit Looney Over Santorum."Progressivism" Exposed As A Sore On The Body Politic"

After months of gleeful snickering and typically juvenile sarcastic comments about the various GOP candidates the leftist "progressives" at Daily Kos have seemingly been jolted from their reverie.

The prospect of Rick Santorum actually getting the nomination seems to have created a million megawatt current through the ranks of these various foul, lewd, sarcastic, idiotic,childish guardians off all things they deem right and good  i.e. "progressive" values.

The site has a post entitled "Rick Santorum is not trying  to win the presidency", I can't be bothered to try and explain the logic behind this imbecilic statement-better let the, what looks like a seriously undernourished and pale poetry slam type bearded young man, explain himself AT THIS LINK
Here is a snippet;

"They're throwing everything out there, using every dirty, underhanded thing they can come up with. They're passing every stupid law, proposing all new bans, they're even medically raping women in Virginia. They're leaving behind a whole slew of criminalized people, of pain, of carnage because they don't care. They only care about winning. They figure, fuck this place, let's tear it down. If we can't win we're gonna off as many people from their side as possible and we're gonna burn their places down and terrorize and hurt and destroy their lives becausefuck it we're fucking finished."

So basically Santorum is campaigning to destroy America in some sort of class war as near as I can figure it. The article is followed by comments which run from paranoia to idiocy and back again. I haven't seen this sort of howling from that site since the last years of the Bush administration, where they were, seriously, presenting the idea that Bush would declare Marshall law rather than leave office.

The article and comments are worth persevering through because it gives an insight into the true liberal soul.And what a nasty piece of work it is, these are the hypocritical people who ridiculed the almost 100% neat and tidy, civil Tea Party demonstrators, but were perfectly happy with the filth, violence and shitting on police cars of the OWS crowd. 

This is the home of the execrable Kos who infamously tweeted "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin" when Giffords was shot. They have no inner core of decency just rage and class hatred.

In the hiatus caused by Palin not running, the previous object of their hatred and Romney being a matter of ridicule they have awakened from their docility to new heights of incredible anger. The only good from that spectacle is, as I stated before, it exposes the disgusting sores on the 
American body politic to the light of day.

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