Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hell Freezes Over;Radical Leftist "Crooks & Liars" Posts Positive Analysis Of Palin's CPAC Speech

The radical leftist "progressive" site "Crooks & Liars" 
AT THIS LINK which is those who find the execrable "Daily Kos" too wishy washy has a post up which actually finds positive things to say about Sarah palin's address to CPAC. They, or rather the author, one Andrew Metcalf, tell the truth about the massive interest in Palin at CPAC

Members of the crowd had to wait over two hours just to get into the speech. The line to enter the massive ballroom snaked all the way back to the security area where speakers enter the stage. Many were kept out, due to fire restrictions and had to watch the speech in other conference rooms where screens had been set up for overflow viewing.

But the gist of the matter for Metcalf was what he saw as common ground between the Palin conservative movement and the Occupy movement-common folk united.

But just the brief mention of crony capitalism was important. Even her restraint to not criticize the protesters (she told the audience they won after the protesters left) meant she might understand her Tea Party and their Occupy share similar populist ideas.
 The roots of the real Tea Party lie in a backlash against the bailouts.

And his remarkable conclusion;

If there’s going to be dramatic change in the political system it’s going to take more than one side screaming at the other, clinging to their guns or to their tents. And while it’s easy for Democrats to belittle the Tea Party as an astroturfing movement and for the Republicans to belittle Occupy as stinky vandals, it’s far more difficult to build coalitions behind common causes.

I was happy to see protesters and conference attendees debating amicably on the sidewalk across from the hotel as I left CPAC. After three days of listening to unquestioned attacks on liberals from Republicans, it was nice to see legitimate conversations."

Well, in the same spirit as Mr. Metcalf I will say that I agree-it is nice to see a legitimate conversation at least from him at C&L and yes, there is common ground for those willing to listen and to reach out, and dialogue as Winston Churchill said "it is better to jaw, jaw, than to war war, is the best path.

I wish Mr.Metcalf's attitude had permeated the closed minds of the C&L readers whose comments about his article are filled with the usual "progressive' hate and filth but his is a welcome first step to a more rational interplay of ideas. Who would have believed it would have taken Sarah Palin and C&L to commence this from the left.

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