Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Magic And Mystery Of Alliteration-Rudy Regalado, A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You

The mysteries of the mind are an endless source of fascination. Apart from the unfathomable mystery of consciousness itself there are the more prosaic, and frankly fun mysteries such as why things pop into our minds seemingly unbidden and for no apparent reason. Certainly for no perceived advantage which knocks back any evolutionary benefit theories, evolution benefit seemingly the catch all explanation for social scientists as to why we do what we do.

This musing comes to mind as I see I am still getting hits on a post I did some years back on "Al Luplow's Catch." Why a seemingly minor sporting even involving a, with respect, minor baseball player which happened fifty years ago should still resonate with people, many I am sure like myself who did not even see Mr. Luplow's amazing catch is beyond explanation. I recommend looking at the post AT THIS LINK for those so inclined

Taking this even further why this even should pop into one’s mind 15,000 miles from where it happened, decades later and in the most weird of circumstances is inexplicable-I defy anyone to explain it. One commentator advised that such phenomena does have a history but that does not explain why such things happen.

As an adjunct to the weird aspect there is the fun aspect which, I am sure linguists would have an explanation for. This is why alliteration can have the long term effect it does, especially where trivial facts or minor persons are involved. Again, “evolutionary advantage” would seem to have no role in it so there has to be some other explanation. Advising that the mind simply likes rhythmic cadences may go part of the way in explanation but does not account for the passage of time that can be involved.

I started on this ramble because, prior to Al Luplow popping up in the minds of others again, the name Rudy Regalado popped in unbidden. There can be no explanation for the visit from this short time Cleveland Indians player from the 1950's than some trigger of alliteration. Certainly I was an Indians fan when young and with Mr. Regalado's visit the names of other of his team mates came in-George Strickland, Vic Wertz etc. but not being alliterative they only came in by subsequent association.

Baseball players have not been the only such visitors over the years either. For inexplicable reason, inexplicable apart from some attachment to alliteration, the British firm of Slater/Walker pops in. Slater Walker was one of the previous decades pre-crash of their time high flyer, especially Mr. Slater, which went belly up as such outfits seem to do so there is nothing especially remarkable about him or the firm that would demand unlocking from memory except for the obvious alliteration in the er-er name endings.

There is a clear attraction to alliteration on a short term basis I would imagine but why such a brief attraction can seek entry into consciousness decades later and for no apparent reason (and why it is stored in memory in the first place) is indeed a mystery-and fun too.

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