Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Palin Photo's That Broke Hearts At Wonkette & Immoral Minority

These photo's, just two of a multitude that have surfaced from Sarah Palin's sojourn in New York City, are breaking the hearts (if stone could be so broken by the way,but one must presume so) of leftists.

The disgusting denizens of the execrable "progressive" leftist juvenile site "Wonkette" which was the subject of a massive outcry across the nation for its attack on Palin's son Trig, would like nothing better than to see an humiliated,defeated,saddened Palin.

The crazies, the "Trig truther's" and other denizens of the pit who infest the hate site "Immoral Minority," would only be happy if, as is often commented there, "Palin is led away to jail in an orange suit". These people actually believe that Palin somehow faked the birth of her son Trig.

Sadly for them, if one can feel that emotion for such alleged humans, Palin is, as one can obviously see, in wonderful spirits, happy, fulfilled, happily married, and has all the things the jealous haters do not. Fame, appreciation, success, authority and all the other good things which stem from a life which is centered on a deep religious faith.

Here is Palin in radiant positivity. Pictures which must cut to the very core of the haters rotten souls-good for her and good for them for the results each gets.

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