I was sitting in the hotel lounge chatting with a fellow conservative, at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference; we were discussing the day’s events, and our shared love for Governor Sarah Palin, when suddenly a mob of people were gathering outside of the lounge, shouting and carrying on. I assumed it was a GOP Presidential Candidate, or some other “important” person, but when someone yelled out, “It’s Palin”, I immediately jumped out of my seat, and rushed over to see if it was true.  
It was.
If you know me well, then you are aware that Sarah Palin is my inspiration for being involved in politics and you can probably imagine how excited I was to find out I was only a few feet away from her. But there was a slight problem- How the heck was I going to get close to her?
Security was everywhere and the mob had grown quite large, with people shouting and taking pictures. I had pretty much settled with the fact that I wasn’t going to get any closer, but suddenly I had an idea. I let my eyes search around the huge room, scanning to see if there was any way around all of the people. When it all seemed hopeless, I caught a glimpse of where the security in front of the Palin’s were going, and without any further thought, I made my way to them.
It turns out a few other people had come up with the same idea, but I was not going to let them get in my way. I pushed my way (politely of course) to the front of the line. The security, by this point, began to lock arms and create a human wall. Bristol and Willow Palin walked frantically by, while the security blocked. But as they left, I caught a glimpse of their mom, my inspiration, Sarah Palin.
I know it sounds very drama filled, and crazy, and believe me, it was!
As I stood directly in front of the security guards, Sarah began to get closer, and the crowd began to push. I quickly pulled out my phone and began to get a video. All I wanted was a smile, or maybe even a handshake, but as she got closer and closer I decided I wanted something more. I wanted a picture.
I wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to get her attention, and as she started to walk by I was determined to make it happen. I took a deep breath, hopefully to gain some courage, and then shouted, “I am 16! Can I please get a picture?” There was a slight pause that made me think it was hopeless, but suddenly Sarah whips her hair around, and with her unique Alaskan accent says, “Of Course!”
One of the security guards, obviously frustrated said, “Okay. Let her through.” The rest of the guards obliged, unhooked their arms, and one took my phone. Sarah wrapped her arm around my waist and we both smiled for the picture.
It only lasted a few seconds, but I swear those were the best few seconds of my life!
The picture may not be perfect; it’s blurry and in sepia (which I am still trying to figure out how that happened), but no matter what, it will be a picture I will cherish forever!
I guess it is only appropriate to end with what I have always said- Governor Sarah Palin is the one who inspired me to get involved, and Barack Obama is the reason I am involved.