Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maine Gov. All Candidates Are Damaged Goods-We Need A Dark Horse" :Palin Please End This Disaster

Maine Governor Paul Lepage says the current GOP candidates are "damaged goods" and wants a brokered convention

WASHINGTON — Gov. Paul LePage said Saturday that the current crop of Republican presidential candidates isn't cutting it and that his party needs a "fresh face" to challenge President Obama in the fall.
LePage told reporters at the National Governors Association meeting here that he was hoping for a floor fight at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer.
The outspoken Mainer also criticized the state's GOP for how it botched the much-maligned presidential caucuses earlier this month.
Even as Republicans Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum compete for front-runner status with a win in Tuesday's Michigan primary, LePage said the entire field of GOP candidates is damaged goods because they have spent too much time bashing each other.
"I would love to see a good old-fashioned convention and a dark horse come out and do it in the fall," he said.
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A Dark Horse is an alternative to the establishments "White Knight" it seems.

Gov. Chris  Christie thinks there may be a brokered convention AT THIS LINK but adds it is not likely. Possibly because he has endorsed Romney and is now "willing to listen:" if Romney wants him as VP.

Ann Coulter AT THIS LINK thinks that Jeb Bush  who she advises "woudl be the worst of all candidates" and Palin "going to throw their hat in the ring" hoping to be nominated at a brokered convention whilst she attacks Bush.
On the other hand Jon Huntsman goes the other way and calls for a third party AT THIS LINK as nobody (except him of course) is any good. Go away Jon-ask for your old job back with your old boss President Obama.
Sarah Palin please end this clown show by declaring your candidacy-it is beyond embarrassing and beyond repair  as things stand.

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