Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Will Riehl/Erickson/McCain/Jacobson Do If Romney Is Nominee?

The major conservative bloggers Dan Riehl, Stacy McCain, Prof.Jacobson, Erick Erickson have been,along with other notable conservatives, supporters of, variously Cain, Santorum, Perry, and Palin.

At this point, where it appears that Romney will get the nomination, they either have given up on their chosen candidate, or are holding on to the bitter end. Alternatively, they are, as per AllahPundit at Hotair today promoting an article by J.E .Dyer praising Palin's stance on keeping the primary season going as long as possible, but accepting the possibility of Romney. "I don't think it will be the end of America if Romney is nominated" Dyer advises, without committing to another candidate.

Some have taken a stridently anti-Romney position, Riehl for example, and some e.g. McCain, have been hugely supportive of Santorum. Although today he advises he is "relatively unhappy with all the candidates which may be the first step along the path of accepting Romney when the time comes, "warts and all."

If however, Romney is too bitter a pill to swallow for those who have taken a strongly conservative stand, no matter what the pull of "loyalty to the GOP" what will these respected voices of conservatism do?

They have their principles, their statements, their reputations and the future of the party to consider. If the burden of conscience and honor is to heavy to endorse someone they have, correctly in my view, found unacceptable
what are the options open to them?

They might advise they will not support the nominee, they might advise they will vote for the nominee and encourage others to do so to maximise the potential of down ticket support. 

They might advise that they will encourage GOP turnout, but state that they expect the nominee to lose but feel it is the correct thing to do to support their party and its nominee "my party right or wrong" etc. Or we might get the "Supreme Court nominees are too important to let personal considerations get in the way" argument.

Dyer advises he agrees with Palin's argument that the primary season must continue if possible, as the entire direction of the part is in question. Conservative rebirth or, perhaps temporarily under President Romney, a holding pattern until a new Obama pushes leftwards once more.

For me the situation is settled. I have not changed my stance  for what it is worth, one fraction, nor will I. I stand on conservative principles and look for senior conservatives, with the greatest respect for their decisions either way, to do the same. 

It will be interesting to see what they do with not just 2012 at stake, but the entire future of the conservative movement.They have the opportunity to play a major part in a conservative rebirth

If Romney is the nominee, I ask them to take up this great and honorable task in their own way, not necessarily by going down my suggested path.

There are some interesting alternatives to voting for Romney AT THIS LINK

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