Monday, February 13, 2012

Athens Burning: Tens of Banks in Flames;From The Best Doom&Gloom Website

A gentleman name Mike Shedlock, whose financial writings show up now and then at 
"The Market Oracle", a site that runs economic analysis (mostly by goldbugs) from dozens of commentators daily. 

I have been enjoying Shedlock's for their insight, and most especially, for their hair raising (if I had any) blood curdling drama.I can now heartily recommend his own,wonderful website.

At "Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis" AT THIS LINK there is such utter doom and gloom prophecy it makes Nouriel Roubini look like Pollyana. Today we have utter cataclysmic analysis from Greece with the following headlined stories;

Total Chaos; Riots Rage; Athens Resembles War Zone

And if that is not horrific enough the next article is sublimely headed;

It's not just Greece that is on the edge of the pit-not by a long shot. China is edging towards doom too:

Writing in Dante-an terms is not enough there are fortunately some photo's of infernos to whet ones appetite for utter chaos and destruction.You can see and enjoy the site for yourself as I have to go and see if I can find any silver coins that may have fallen inside an old couch and check if grannies gold broach is real.

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