Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trump Endorses Romney? Changing Blog To "Write In Palin 2012" & After November "Palin 2016"

Honestly how much more can a conservative take. If Trump backs Romney and Gingrich loses the nomination to Romney-I am not discussing Santorum or Paul as neither has any chance and are just spoilers-then what is a conservative to do?

The whole campaign just stinks. Trump attacked Romney-there are a whole list of his comments dismissing him and for Trump to now endorse him is ludicrous.Romney of course refused to appear on a proposed Trump managed debate but is willing to accept his endorsement now.

Previous conservative firebrands like Coulter endorsed firstly Christie and now Romney and swallow his record, including his health care history with aplomb. Santorum stays in the race when anyone who can add can see that he is constantly taking support from Gingrich and allowing Romney to win  under 50% pluralities.

Through it all Palin has been a voice of honesty and reason, She has consistently called for the vetting process to continue so there is reasoned debate and the voters have a clear understanding of the positions of each candidate. It appears that that may be thwarted due to the overwhelmingly negative campaign Romney's team has run, and the support he has from the GOP establishment, plus of course the vote splitters helping him.

If this plays out with a Romney nomination then I for one will not vote for him. I will change the title of this blog to; "Write In Palin 2012" and fully expect to change it to "Palin 2016" after the election. If Sarah endorses and campaigns for Romney out of party loyalty i will of course respect her decision but that won't change mine.

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