Thursday, May 17, 2012

ABC News Discovers "Palin's Amazing Record" Now (They Think) She Is Safely Not A Challenge To Obama

Here's Matthew Dowd at this link;
ABC News The Note;

"What Palin Can Teach Obama About Seizing The Moment"

I have at times questioned Palin’s qualifications, knowledge and discipline as well as her desire to be a celebrity more than a leader, but she has an intuitive feel for politics.  She knows how to make gut decisions — and at times these have definitely paid off for her. They certainly did in her involvement in the Republican primary for the open Senate seat in Nebraska.

And further (emphasis mine) You can read the whole article at the link above.

Many folks criticize Palin for the fact that her history of helping candidates has succeeded only about half of the time. In my view, this is an incredible record, since she almost always backs underdogs and candidates with seemingly no chance of success.  Palin does this because she makes decisions from the gut. Yes, she makes mistakes, but she also knows how to take advantage of a moment when it presents itself."

Now that Palin is safely out of harms way for the left (so they think-wait until she takes to the hustings in the Fall for the GOP nominee) they can safely start to dismantle the various memes they have falsly created since 2008-which process has been well underway since Palin's pick in Indiana, Mourdock, won the GOP senate primary and is in full swing since underdog Deb Fischer's stunning win in Nebraska.

They have to do this revamp because the influence of Palin is so obvious and so string that to take any other stance (except for the dead-enders like the laughable Weigel) would make the media look so ridiculous that any future attempt at denigration would be seen for what it was.

At the end of the day the voters have shown that in the long run the media's doleful influence is negligible. After a long and hard battle by Palin (and her supporters) to get the truth about her out from under the media smokescreen has finally reached the public her truth and her common-sense conservatism message is not only resonating but changing the political scene.

Palin was right, once again, when she said she didn't need a title to make a difference. The media and their Dem allies thought that by bringing her down they won but that was a short term pyrrhic victory as will be seen in the years ahead.

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