Sunday, May 13, 2012

Such Is Hunger For Palin's Views My Blog Received 1000 Views Of SALT Conf. Tweets/Video

I collated and posted 20 Tweets from Sarah Palin's address to the SALT conference yesterday. Such is the hunger and interest in what she says and does that my little blog received 1000 page views.

The conference was noteworthy in that Palin's address was not only not allowed to be video'd (which is often the case) but only this little snippet has got out. That is too bad for the deranged Palin haters who have nothing to froth and gibber at as is their wont, but for the rest of us normal people it has proven a sand in the desert experience.

Palin has been off the air for the past weeks and has only communicated her support of three senate candidates (one of whom subsequently won in a landslide)  so for her supporters, even having access to the list I prepared of Tweets from the conference has been some balm,which I am of course delighted to have applied.

It is astonishing how someone whom the left considers to have outlived her 15 minutes, to be "Sarah who" and "irrelevant" can engender so much support and create a seemingly unquenchable desire to listen to her, and as Sen. Lugar found, to follow her advice.

Here  is the, for the moment, the only available SALT Conf. video, and below that are the Tweets.

Palin:Hillary was a better candidate than Obama, says Hillary understands private sector, credits balanced Clinton budget
While  partied with  Hypocrites; was speaking on geopolitical events & macro economic trends
RT  Palin: "we will be just fine if we wrap our arms around American exceptionalism" 
RT : Palin at : I have no social life outside of family - just hunting and fishing and running.
Palin at : Tea party has redefined American politics - "just follow the constitution!" - "it has only just begun"
Palin: "I don't want to keep slamming the media, but I will."
"You are the unsung heroes of American greatness...our prosperity depends on you" - Palin at 
Palin compares Titanic to out of control US spending - "there is no such thing as an unsinkable ship or too big to fail" at 
SARAH PALIN TELLS HEDGE FUND CONFERENCE: 'Hello one percent! More power to ya!': Sarah Palin at  : "Hel...
Palin at : politicians in Alaska liked to tie pork to public safety and make it "for the children" - I said no to cut spending
Palin boosts domestic energy production - "why would anyone oppose this?" - at 
Stop it, no way RT : OMG RT : Sarah Palin at : "Hello one percent! More power to ya!" 
Sarah Palin at : "Hello one percent! More power to ya!"

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