Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Palin's High Heels (Pictured) In Alabama Drive Leftist Women Insane

Sarah Palin addressed the Extraordinary Women of Faith conference in Birmingham Alabama and the leftist harpies went insane. The content of her message was not the thing that set them alight but, as befits the serious liberal mind, the shape of her shoes.

Comment after comment attacked her clothing, hair, feet and toes (believe it or not) and her make up. But the most serious attention was given to that most important of social issues-what shoes she was wearing.

Not that they could actually see them as, as can be seen in the image below which they were cattily commenting on, the picture is not sharply enough focused to actually determine what she was wearing.

 In  general, I can't imagine conservative women be such shrews, but there is something seriously amiss in the liberal women's mindset that lets them descend into the gutter. 

The missing element of course is none of these fashionistas ever let their picture be seen-they shoot their pathetic barbs safely hidden behind a computer. Let these folks images see the light of day so everyone else can judge their untold beauty, weight, height, and above all their footwear as that seems to be the most important thing for them.

This site AT THIS LINK seems to think that Palin poses a threat to innocent Christian maidens.

The blogger is utterly fascinated by Palin's shoes, and in a paroxysm of delight believes they have identified the actual shoes that Sarah was wearing. The Pulitzer for investigative  journalism is surely in the offing.The blogger is an American living in Australia, such emigrations of course raises the level of intelligence in both countries

The comment section is a tribute to how low some people can descend into the mud.  A sadder more jealous and pathetic bunch of hags is unlikely to ever be found-but, let them prove me wrong by posting their pictures so we can all revel in the pulchritude.

This one AT THIS LINK brushes off the conference as something not worth commenting, on which is utter condescension towards the thousands of sincere women who attended. 

The comments from women are, again utter trash. Interestingly, Palin at one time described such bloggers as sitting in their pyjamas in their parents basement, and such insight was proven correct as the blogger confirms that is her chosen attire whilst attacking Palin's dress sense. Such is leftist logic.

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