Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kos And PPP (D) Do Major Nebraska Analysis On Fischer's" Incredible Rise" No Mention Of Palin.Must Still Be "Irrelevant"

The Nebraska Senate Primary results can be followed at the offical site
 AT THIS LINK from when polls close at 8 p.m. Nebraska time

Both the radical leftist Blog "Daily Kos" (home of the infamous Kos who tweeted "Mission Accomplished Sarah Palin" when Gabby Gifford's was shot) has done an analysis of the Nebraska Senate race as has their pollster PPP Polling (D).

Both remark how the race has turned on its head in the last week "an incredible improvement" for the now leading Deb Fischer who was way behind with minuscule name recognition previously.

The after Fischer wrote to Sarah palin asking for her endorsement, which Sarah gave Fischer started rocketing up in the polls, overcoming a massive 16 point deficit!

It appears that the left has invested so much in their "Sarah Who" and "Palin is irrelevant now" memes that they can't bring themselves to state the bleeding obvious.How it must embarrass them to be proved so wrong. They have been silent utterly about the same scenario that played out in Indiana where the Palin endorsed Mourdock came from behind to win by 20 points and Palin's endorsement of Cruz in Texas which result is yet to come.

If all three win the left will have to fall back on their latest meme which is commencing here and there "well OK Palin can influence a primary but when it comes to the general election her candidate loses". Unfortunately for that meme she has a 62% success rate for general election candidates.

Here is Kos's "formout of nowhere" analysis !

"• NE-Sen (R): Out of nowhere, it seems, the Nebraska GOP Senate primary became a competitive race at the very last possible moment. State AG Jon Bruning had been the front-runner from day one, though right-wing meddlers like Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund and the Club for Growth did their best to boost Treasurer Don Stenberg. A few polls a while back suggested Stenberg might be gaining on Bruning, but he never came close to sealing the deal and it looked like Bruning would cruise to the nomination."

Then, a very strange thing happened with barely two weeks left to go: The race's third wheel, state Sen. Deb Fischer, started picking up steam, judging by a final spate of polls.

Here is PPP's analysis and a clever comment from a wag following it.

"Fischer meanwhile has seen an incredible improvement in how voters view her. On our last poll she had only 44% name recognition and Republicans were split on her 22/22. Now she's by far and away the most popular candidate in the race with a +45 favorability rating at 62/17. Although you might look at her superior favorable numbers to Bruning and think she should win easily, it's worth noting that Mitt Romney beat Rick Santorum in a lot of states where Santorum had better favorability numbers. Voters don't necessarily always go for the candidate they like the most."

Then this very witty reply.

"Amazing how you can do a whole write-up on this and not mention the most significant factor and momentous event that took place in this race over the past week.

Clearly the race swung when the presumptive GOP nominee showed bold leadership and made his choice known and as expected Republicans and conservatives have followed his lead.

Oh, wait..."

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