Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hell Freezes over; Lib Journalist "I Was Surprised To Discover Palin Was Intelligent, Nice & Beautiful"

Kudos to Laura Goldman a self professed liberal writing a honest, from the heart, and unbiased article "Sarah Palin, This Liberal's New BFF" in a journal that has been notable for its vociferous attacks on Sarah Palin.

Goldman met Palin, who she describes as her new BFF, at the recent SALT conference where Palin was a keynote speaker. As has been the case in every instance I have seen where people, from left and right, who have met Palin she, Goodman, uses most of the terms that such encounters engender.

Goldman; "I was surprised to find her intelligent, nice, knows the names of newspapers that she reads" and
"she was not a primadonna in any way, had no problem having her photograph taken with me (twice) and is even more beautiful in person".

The most telling part of the article is Goldman saying "Whilst I do not agree with her positions it is pretty clear that she has been unfairly maligned by the press"

That is an honest statement in every respect and it shows that liberals need not be cast in one basket as unreasonable. it is just sad that it has to take a chance encounter with the real Palin not dispel the terrible malignity that the leftist media has partaken in in their disgusting caricaturization of this woman.

Hats of to Laura Goldman and whether she likes it or not she is my new BF and is also, as she describes Palin,  beautiful (inside and out.)

please read her article AT THIS LINK 

Read more: http://nakedphiladelphian.blogspot.com/2012/05/sarah-palin-this-liberals-new-bff.html#ixzz1v0btcPak

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