Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obama's Popularity Rating Lower Than Bush's When He Leaves Office 2017? & Other Questions

Points to ponder

Will President Obama's popularity rating when he leaves office in January 2017 be lower than President G.W. Bush's was when he left office? 

Will the 2016 election year economy be so toxic for the Dem's that Hillary won't run and Biden will be the sacrificial lamb?

Will the Reserve bank inflate or further deflate the economy after November, and will either action bring about a deeper recession or stagflation?

Is the Fed's low interest policy the biggest theft in history taking potential income from life long savers who have to struggle to get by, whilst propping up the financial institutions?

If McCain had won in 2008 would Clinton be leading whomever the GOP nominee is by twenty points on election day given the state of the economy? (Yes)

Would Vice-President Palin have been subjected to even more merciless denigration and ridicule than even Quayle received ( but which Biden has escaped) as in reality a VP can do little, but carries the can for the administration. (Yes)

Why did Gingrich, coming off a massive win in South Carolina, perform so badly in the debates in Florida, thus effectively ending his campaign just when he had the opportunity to be the leader. Does his excuse that he couldn't believe that such a negative campaign against him could have been mounted, and he was stunned into debating poorly, wash? How could such an experienced politician be so "cowed"

If, along with Indiana's Mourdock who won in a 20 point landslide after Palin endorsed him, both Cruz in Texas and Fischer in Nebraska win their respective GOP senate primary campaigns, can anyone deny the power of Palin?

Is George Will embarrassed by his prediction that "In January 2013 either Daniels or Pawlenty will be sworn in as president"?

Does whomever is chosen as Romney's VP have any future possibility of a successful run for president in 2016 ended in Tampa? (Yes)

Will we be seeing a lot of these bumper stickers in 2013? (Yes)

Is my Niece one of the luckiest young ladies in America being able to go backstage to meet Katy Perry? (Yes)

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