Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Palin Photo The Left Doesn't Want To See

This is the photo that will destroy the lefts last line of attack. Her beauty is in her heart not her appearance and that is something the left can't abide nor destroy.

Now that the Palin hatchet job "Game Change" and the even worse McGinniss book have come and gone, presumably with a substantial loss for both the producers and the publishers, the left has, almost, completely shot their bolt in their attempts to destroy her.

Since the "Game Change" debacle (the movie was obviously timed for what the leftists thought would be a presidential run for her-how they must have cursed when she decided not to be a candidate) Palin is not only still very much a major force but is still influencing elections, as Senator Lugar just found out to his cost.

The left have tried everything, attacking her family, her marriage, her record-who can forget the media utter humiliation when the massive release of her emails  from her time as Governor were released which, contrary to their hopes and expectations, showed her to be an efficient and capable administrator. And with it all she still attracts standing room only crowds and commands a massive and loyal following-in the millions on Facebook for example.

Post "Game Change" and with the failure of their attacks on her marriage and family the left has been  forced to fall back on a silly mode of attack, to whit;

"Palin is a has been." "Sarah who?" "Palin is irrelevant, and who cares what she says anymore." They are even falling back on the repudiated "kill him" nonsense from the 2008 election-having no shame whatsoever.

And then, once again, Palin demonstrates, with a simple statement of support for a candidate opposing one of the longest serving senators, just how relevant she is. 

The memes of her not having been overseas, of not being capable of discussing complicated issues, are all out of date too as her many interviews have shown her as an highly informed pundit.

With Mourdock's victory in Indiana over Lugar the left has now switched its chorus to "well Palin can  influence a primary election, but when the general elections come her chosen candidates fail." 

Unfortunately for this latest meme 62% of Palin's endorsed candidates who win a primary battle then go on to win the ensuing general election. Does the left have anything they can throw at Palin? Remarkably they are reduced to just one-her appearance.

One constant theme starting right from when she was chosen as McCain's running mate in 2008 has been "Palin is only supported by old men who are enamoured by her looks and when they fade she will lose all her support. 

In typical leftist contradictory "logic" the Democrat harpies have been gleefully cackling lately that her looks are fading and post the most unattractive photo's of her they can find. In passing I challenged one of these harpies to show her photo on her anti-Palin blog so we could judge her appearance which challenge she of course ran away from.

Yes of course Palin's looks are fading-what woman who has raised five children, and led such an incredibly active and stressful life would not, in her late forties, have her appearance mature. Palin's is maturing gracefully as the term goes, but the honest fact is she is, as we all are, getting older.

The jealous females on the left don't see that they are destroying the last line of attack the left has by pointing out the obvious. Once Palin is no longer considered to be particularly attractive then at that point, given that she will still have a massive following, the left will be unable to say, in an instance of the most delicious irony, that the only reason for her support is her looks! Then what will they have?

The fact is that Palin is the most vetted politician in American history and should she choose to run then the leftist media will have no choice but to concentrate on her policies as all idiotic distraction, like her appearance, will have been swept away along with all the other false memes and themes. They will be well and truly hoist with their own petard.

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