Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hell Freezes Over 2 Days In Row; First MSNBC Now;Washington Post "Listen To Sarah Palin"

Perhaps the Mayans were right,the end of the world is near at hand. For  MSNBC and Politico to spend nearly four minutes complimenting Sarah Palin as a powerful force in the GOP who may have an outstanding future might by itself be proof.

Hard on the heels of the sign the earth may be shifting on its axis comes the incredible sight of the ultra- liberal establishment newspaper the Washington Post appealing to conservatives to "listen to Sarah Palin".

Whether the Washpo is writing such sentiments out of self-interest is not only a given, but besides the point. For them to advise that Palin is the "go to" person to break a 30 plus year old impasse shows how seriously she is taken now.

Obviously she was taken seriously since 2008, otherwise why would the entire liberal media have engaged in a never-ending hate campaign against her. Now that she is not seen as a direct threat to their darling Obama, they can take a more measured, or perhaps more honest view in their reporting of her-which is exactly what is happening.

Of course even Blind Bob would see the obvious distortion by the leftist media if they didn't acknowledge her power after the Mourdock/Fischer/Cruz successes.

Walter Russell Mead at his "Via Media" blog brought attention to the Washington Post's pleading for conservatives to take heed of Palin. Here is an excerpt (you can read the whole article (AT THIS LINK)
and the original Washington Post  article is (AT THIS LINK). Signs of the apocalypse indeed !

Signs of the Apocalypse: Washington Post Says “Listen to Sarah Palin”

At Via Meadia, we’ve spent years scouring the news for the most shocking stories and there is very little that can surprise us. In the past year alone, we’ve seen giant rats descend on New York, British ethicists endorsing “after-birth abortions” and the rise of caffeinated meat.  But the Washington Post has managed to surprise us: it says the GOP should listen to Sarah Palin.
It should listen to her on the Law of the Sea Convention, that is. Before attaining the national spotlight as John McCain’s running mate, Governor Palin advised her state’s senators that “If the U.S. does not ratify the convention, the opportunity to pursue our own claims to offshore areas in the Arctic Ocean might well be lost. As a consequence, our rightful claims to hydrocarbons, minerals, and other natural resources could be ignored.” The Post, surveying the merits of the treaty, calls on the Republicans to heed her warnings “on something she knows about firsthand.”

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