Sunday, May 6, 2012

Found;The Designer Who Made This Magnificent Sarah Palin Necklace

The Christian artist who made Sarah's striking bracelet, and sure enough as some supposed, her beaded necklace she wore lately! 

Visit the designers site      AT THIS LINK
or here

 (and for the haters info before they start in, no I have no connection to the site-nor does my site ask for contributions like most of the haters sites btw)


Sarah Palin Necklace

Sarah Palin Necklace
Sarah Palin NecklaceSarah Palin NecklaceSarah Palin NecklaceSarah Palin NecklaceSarah Palin Necklace
This necklace was given as a gift to the awesome Governor Sarah Palin. The necklace is called “Lady Liberty” in honor of Sarah Palin who is a courageous lady who fights for the liberty of America every day. I am Thankful for her. I am also honored that she wears it, and the necklace pales in comparison to her beauty, both inside and out. I also give glory to God for my talent. This necklace is a labor of love that takes 3 weeks to finish, so it is MADE TO ORDER.
I offer FREE shipping.

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