Saturday, May 19, 2012

Palin Conservatives Top 10 Reasons To Work 24-7 For Romney

At the Conservatives4Palin site the remarkable person titled "Palin45potus" has expressed breathless enthusiasm to work "24-7" for Mitt Romney, apparently being so inspired by him, and the dogged support both he, and his team, have shown Sarah Palin.

Here is Palin45potus's own words of admiration and the Top Ten reasons which led to such avid dedication.

"He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the GOP, and we are just so gosh-darned lucky to have him. I know I'm so excited to get to working 24-7 for him.  And alongside all those wonderful Romney supporters. Especially since they've been so supportive of Sarah Palin."

Since he's such a staunch conservative...severe even!"

Remember how he came to Sarah Palin's defense after she was accused of being an accessory to murder?

Remember how hard he worked for McCain - Palin back in 2008?

Remember how he championed the TEA Party before it was fashionable to do so?

Remember how he put his credibility on the line to help unknown conservatives to get their "Day in the sun?"

Remember when he flew down to South Carolina to defend Nikki Haley from the charges leveled at her by weasels who were in league with Mike Huckabee, that wonderful Christian?

Remember how he stood up and said unequivocally "No More!" when his Super-Pac in Florida was carpet-bombing the state with insidious slanderous lies about Newt Gingrich?

Remember how he led the charge against the dirty tactics that the Obama-crats resorted to in passing Obama-care?

Remember when he stood up and manfully admitted that Romney-care might have been a mistake, given the results that we've seen in Massachusetts?

Remember when he stood up to Obama before it was considered safe to do so, back in 2009?

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