Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Competition; Create An Native American Name For Elizabeth Warren

As the Elizabeth Warren Native American heritage-or not-story trundles on it may be of value to give Ms. Warren a choice of names for her to consider in case her ancestry is proven. 

It may be a redundant creative effort be warned, as the latest news appears to be that Warren's ancestor actually rounded up native Americans in the horrific "trail of tears' but lets give her the benefit of the doubt until things shake-out one way or the other and  start getting creative

Since she appears to have been in a quandary as to whether to just tick a box so she could have lunch with fellow minorities and then never mention it again or she has suddenly been filled with pride during a closely contested election about her purported, but unproven 1/32 Cherokee ancestry. 

Anyway, as a public service I propose that a nationwide contest be undertaken to provide a list of names for Ms. Warren to survey in case she wants to to take her ancestry, if proven, to new heights.

I have seen;

Fakeahuntas Warren
Onethirtysecond Warren
Cheekbones Warren
Chokeakee Warren

and here is a blog post with a few helpful names "Woman who loved dog eater' has a nice ring don't you think?

But I am sure readers can be even more helpful. If you can suggest a name put in in the Comments box at the end of this post and I will add it to the list.

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