Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashionista Taylor Marsh Goes Full Palin Derangement Syndrome (Again)

Perhaps it is the jealous woman syndrome rather than full blown PDS that Taylor Marsh exhibits. You only have to compare the two images to imagine that one looks like a 1980's Sears catalogue model and the other-well that's a different story.

The above isn't any sort if "ist" comment, more along the lines of trying to fathom why a seemingly intelligent person (note not:"intelligent woman" to escape the sexists rants again as PDS afflicts all and sundry) would write this;

Considering women are nowhere on the radar for camp Mitt, except for his stunning wife Ann Romney who can actually communicate with voters, my advice to the Romney team to pick Liz Cheney as his veep couldn’t be more jarring. It’s obvious Republicans haven’t gotten over Palin’s disastrous vice presidential candidacy, so a woman on the ticket seems less likely than ever."

Marsh has written post after post denigrating Palin, but it is one thing to find supposed fault with Palin's policies, and another to  go along with the myth that Palin's VP campaign was "disastrous." Either Marsh is ignorant of the facts, too lazy to check them, or deliberately ignoring them to perpetuate a myth for no clear reasons except PDS that I can see. BTW  her suggestion that Liz Cheney should be Romney's VP is not a typo-she actually said it.

For the record, and for the umpteenth time here is the exit poll analysis after the 2008 election. It clearly shows that Palin was a plus for the poor McCain campaign. That allied with the opinion polls that showed that subsequent to Palin's nomination the McCain team actually surpassed Obama and who knows what the result might have been if the financial crisis had not taken place? Certainly the result would have been much closer, if not a win for McCain/Palin.

How Marsh can justify her comment is beyond my ken but their is no logic to writings of the Palin haters.

The left continues with their big lie that Palin cost McCain the 2008 election. This is often seen in comments from so called "Republicans" along the lines of "I was going to vote for McCain but when he chose Palin I switched to Obama" and similar such nonsense.

Here are are the unbiased, unvarnished facts (with links to the full reports in red) from respected professional polling firms.The major issue was the economy, the Lehman brother's collapse and McCain "suspending" his campaign.

Palin's addition to the ticket was a significant plus factor which kept McCain as close as he did until nothing could save him as the economy tanked and the bail-out inflamed passions.

It has been a disgusting spectacle watching the McCain team, through the mechanism of the Hollywood left's hatchet jog "Game Change' put the blame for their incompetence on Palin-the facts prove otherwise.


Yet those who cited Palin's selection as a factor in their vote -- 60% of all voters -- favored McCain by 56% to 43%.
After the election, on Nov. 7, 2008, an article published by Rasmussen

Rasmussen Reports
Friday, November 07, 2008
Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republican voters say Alaska Governor Sarah Palin helped John McCain’s bid for the presidency, even as news reports surface that some McCain staffers think she was a liability.


Gallup Daily: Election 2008

Despite the premise of “Game Change” – that Sarah Palin cost John McCain the 2008 presidential election – Gallup polls prove HBO’s assertion categorically false. Palin wasn’t the reason the Republicans lost the election. She’s the only reason they had a fighting chance up until the time McCain suspended his presidential campaign in late September.

Gallup polls from the last presidential race prove that once Palin joined the ticket on Aug. 29, 2008, McCain’s ratings steadily climbed to a point where the Republican ticket even outshined Democratic Sen. Barack Obama.
In the two weeks before Palin joined the McCain ticket, the Arizona senator drifted in the low 40 percentile range, mostly around 41, 42 and 43 percent, while Obama held as much as an 8 point lead at about 49 and 50 percent. Four days after Palin joined the ticket, however, McCain’s numbers climbed to 45 percent and Obama’s sank to 47 percent, narrowing the gap significantly from eight points to two.
Between Sept. 4-6, McCain and Palin actually overshot the Obama ticket by 3 percent with the Republicans in the lead at 48 percent and the Democrats at only 45. McCain consistently held that lead until Sept. 15, and then the candidates balanced out with Obama enjoying a mere three-point lead, and no lead at all from Sept. 22-24, when the numbers were tied at 46 percent.
Some were intrigued as to how McCain’s decision would play out in the polls, but once he suspended his campaign in late September he never recaptured the lead he enjoyed with the breaking news of recruiting Palin.
It was downhill from there.
McCain’s campaign was taken out of suspension, but it never actually got back off the ground. From then, the gap between McCain and Obama only widened, leaving the Republicans at a severe disadvantage. McCain’s numbers remained steady around 42 and 43 percent throughout October, but Obama’s continued climbing, and by October 31, McCain’s standing had dropped to 40 percent and Obama’s had reached 53 percent - a devastating 13-percent gap.
(Gallup article from SPIB-Dr. Fay)

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